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  • TransAim Medical Transcription is a great source site for Medical Transcriptinists (MTs) where they can get their job related information, softwares, helps, samples, training courses and much much more. It's also useful for all internet users interested in downloading registered and cracked softwares free. TransAim Medical Transcription site will be most beneficial for QAs/QCs to get medical transcription help from surgery help files and transcribed medical transcription samples uploaded and combined in a single file as a MT help file according to their specialties. We are also providing assistance to outsourcing companies at very reasonable rates with high quality.
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  • Voice Recognition Medical Transcription Against Human Medical Transcription
  • Speech recognition technology and electronic medical records aren't the only things evolving in the medical transcription world today. Although you may not have given it much thought, the home office has been making leaps and bounds as well. Gone are the days when typing would make a heavy plunk-plunk sound.
  • Transcription began with doctors dictating into recorders and transcriptionists using Dictaphone machines to type out the report using a typewriter on ...
  • December 20, 2012