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  • Toyna Chin was born in Jamaica and raised in Connecticut before finally settling in California with her daughter Liya. She became interested in women and girl's health and education as the Founder of Hygeia Personal Care Products; a company she launched in 2004 to help girls and teens transition through puberty with the right products and education at every stage. She's an avid adventurer and a seeker of knowledge. When she's not spending her free time with her daughter you can find her in some of the most remote parts of the world volunteering. For additional information, visit
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  • Founder of Hygeia Personal Care Products, Inc. Releases First Puberty Book for Girls
  • The Big P book series is for girls their moms, dads and even educators. It’s a reference guide everyone can return to time and time again as a girl moves through the five stages of puberty.
  • Toyna J. Chin the Founder of Hygéia Personal Care Products, Inc., the former developer and marketer of innovative feminine care products designed excl ...
  • August 11, 2018