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  • Paola Iuspa Abbott
  • Phone: 305 726 5848
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  • Public Relations firm in Miami that focuses on real estate, law and banking services.
    I position clients as thought leaders in their field. My two decades of experience as a business journalist, general reporter and media relations specialist provide the tools I need to develop and strategize local and national media campaigns through a range of integrated delivery methods. The key to all of these methods is creating original content.

    Today, Social Media is the most effective method of delivery in Media Relations. My client's accomplishments are publicized through LinkedIn, Twitter and other relevant sites that shape public opinion and drive web traffic to a central website. The goal is to place them (and their company) as TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness) for potential clients and the media. When a media outlet seeks expert commentary, my client's name comes to mind.

    My focus is to create media initiatives where my client drives the conversation and becomes an influencer. A quote in a national magazine is just the start. The next step is to use Social Media to proactively position those articles in front of targeted audiences and lead them to the client's website, which clearly markets the business plan.

    In today's business world, media relations and marketing campaigns are key tools in a company's plan to evolve and thrive. I offer a leading-edge method of promotion that provides my clients with fresh content and information that is consistently updated. Contemporary media never sleeps--shouldn't your business have a 24/7 presence?
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