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  • ThinkRace, the GPS tracker creators is a well-known company for its security solutions including personal tracker, GPS watches, GPS ID cards, pet trackers, vehicle GPS trackers, bike trackers, etc. Equipped with the real technologies, we have employed 80 engineers in the development section of the industry. Paying over 200 workers in the factory, we are one of the best GPS tracking producers in the industry. Heading towards achieving tremendous customer loyalty, we have undergone positive feedbacks from all our customers.
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  • ThinkRace launches the AT13 Pallet Tracker
  • ThinkRace recently launched the AT13, the first member in the family of ThinkRace Pallet Trackers.
  • A pallet is just a humble assembly of wooden joists and plastic planks upon which most or every object in the world has been carried, at some point in ...
  • June 20, 2017