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  • TheFetchList to Launch in Chicago
  • TheFetchList is a complete directory for pet owners and pet businesses. This directory will contain dog daycare, dog boarding kennels, pet facilities, dog trainers, dog groomers, cat groomer, pet nutrition information and much more. It is set to launch in Chicago first Chicago will be the first city that TheFetchList offers business listings to.
  • TheFetchList is the next upcoming Yelp! Today, TheFetchList announced that Chicago will be the first city to launch. TheFetchList will offer special d ...
  • February 27, 2010
  • Find the Best Pet Facilities and Information for Your Pooch at TheFetchList
  • TheFetchList is a new pet-industry website that launched exactly one week prior. This website was launched by a Chicago dog nutrition and pet business expert that couldn't find quality information or places to take her dog. TheFetchList looks to become the leading resource for pet-owners and future pet-owners.
  • TheFetchList puts dog owners and pet lovers in touch with quality dog daycares, veterinarians, dog boarding kennels, trainers and nearly any pet-relat ...
  • January 27, 2010