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  • Gregory GOrDon
  • Orlando, FL, Orlando, FL
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  • GOrDon's publication is according to him a "Miracle Publication." "It was really strange how the whole thing came out." He states. "The pages just seemed to write themselves and the description of the process and corresponding chart just laid themselves out perfectly when it was printed." Referring to a publication as a miracle is a natural for GOrDon who is a member of Mensa and is most famous as Black Jesus from the Howard Stern Show.
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  • Hurricane Gordon: "Whirlwind of the Lord" initiates Gregory GOrDon's comeback as "Jeeses Christ"
  • Gregory GOrDon made news world-wide when he broke into Ronald Reagan's home exposing Reagan as the Anti-Christ and proclaiming himself to be the second coming of Christ. GOrDon has just released a new book: "Jeeses Christ" which is Jesus' new name.
  • Orlando, FL - On July 4, 1990, GREGORY STUART GORDON found himself pushed face-first up against a wall, the business end of a Secret Service agent's h ...
  • September 06, 2018
  • Perpetual Motion Miracle Patent Published Early to Protect Inventor and Pay for Prototype
  • Gregory GOrDon has decided to ignore the advice of his attorney and release the information contained in his patent application for The Water Engine. GOrDon took the measure in response to several death threats and to raise money for the prototype.
  • Orlando, FL - Gregory GOrDon has taken the extraordinary step of releasing a publication of the material contained in his patent application for The W ...
  • March 07, 2018