The Spider Web Blanket To Stop BP Oil Leak Or Any Other Oil Leak At Sea

Top Quote A method to stop the oil leak in the Gulf until alternate wells are ready. This method can be readied and implemented quickly to save time, money, oil, and the environment. End Quote
    QuoteMy talent in drawing is not good. My belief in this method that it will work encouraged me to try my best. Stopping this leak is an absolute must.Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 03, 2010 - The intent for this blanket is to divert and collect Leaking oil to minimize damage till the other wells are operational.

    Parts: the blanket is to be made of triangular steel rings connected to each other with hinges for maneuverability extending 100-150 or more (as needed) feet radius from center of leak or gushing oil. The shape of the blanket to be hexagonal with each farthest point attached to 1000-2000 pound concrete columns to carry the blanket to the bottom of the sea. These concrete columns to be equipped with cords to control directions and depth to adjust blanket position to hit target.

    The steel triangular rings are attached to heavy duty waterproof material not to let water pass through.

    The blanket consists of a large pocket extending upwards 20-30 feet or as high as necessary equipped with a receptacle of pipe capable in size and resistance to carry leaking oil load upward to ships with reservoirs for the purpose of storing , and transporting collected oil to refineries or storages for processing or storing for future use. The center of the blanket where pipe receptacle is located to be supported with hydraulic devices columns to adjust and balance pipe receptacle horizontally and vertically not to cause any mishaps.

    The perimeter of the blanket is equipped with rubber 3-4 rows about 6 inches intervals 3-4 inches wide, 3-4 inches high, preferably in the shape of your regular bathroom plunger to serve as tightening the blanket to the floor of the sea acting as a suction device due to tremendous water pressure that far down the ocean.

    The hexagon shape will give the blanket enough strength and give us the maneuverability needed. While dropping the blanket into position, six ships one at each corner will adjust and control the concrete columns direction and drop distance, allowing to stop or move the columns as needed for 7th ship to add each additional pipe extension until it reaches the bottom. Having those cords and the control will help us move blanket towards our target before it hits the ground and the suction at the perimeter takes hold.

    Once target reached oil will push upwards through the pipe where we have set our ships to accept load. We can add a vacuum system if needed to suck oil up faster.

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