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  • Edgar Perez's Knightmare on Wall Street, Knight Capital Story, Best Business Book Cover of the Year
  • No other than Steve Forbes, Chief Executive Officer of Forbes, called it "Great book jacket! Conveys the spirit of the story." Liz Claman, Anchor, Fox Business, was certainly impressed on August 21, 2013, when she interviewed Edgar Perez. We are referring to Knightmare on Wall Street, The Rise and Fall of Knight Capital and the Biggest Risk for Financial Markets.(, a fascinating account of the rise and fall of Knight that features an equally fascinating book cover that insinuates what readers will find upon going through the almost 300 pages of Knightmare on Wall Street.
  • December 14, 2013
  • John W. Allen, Chief Executive Officer, Greater China Corporation, at China Leaders Forum 2012
  • John W. Allen, Chairman & CEO, Greater China Corporation, will speak at Golden Networking's China Leaders Forum 2012, "Political and Economic Challenges for Xi Jinping, China's President-in-waiting", December 7th, New York City, conference that will examine the political and economic challenges facing China nowadays and the long-term opportunities that will be created in the world's largest economy.
  • December 04, 2012