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  • Teaching people the benefits of Shakeology and offering great recipes.
    With so many protein and meal replacement shakes out there it can be a daunting task to find the best one. The Shake Review is here to test different shakes on the market to find the best ones offering the most health ingredients.
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  • New Shakeology Formula Offers Even Better Taste and Healthier Effects
  • A new Shakeology chocolate formula has hit the market and already it's getting some interesting reviews. The creators of Shakeology describe the new formula as better tasting and healthier than previous formulas. Some consumers don't like change and were very content with the previous formula but by all accounts, the new Shakeology formula is an improvement.
  • The new formula includes three changes that make it a better product. First, there is less fructose in the new formula than in the previous formula. T ...
  • September 06, 2012