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  • Spencer Ozbun
  • Phone: 765-717-9689
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  • The Open Mailbox features letters written and submitted by individuals from around the world. All the letters posted on The Open Mailbox are submitted anonymously, which allows writers the freedom to express their thoughts, state their opinions, and share their experiences openly to the public and places the focus of the reader on the words themselves.
The Open Mailbox Press Release -

  • New Letter-Sharing Website Revives the Old-Fashioned Open Letter
  • The Open Mailbox (, a new social website that features open letters posted by website visitors, announces its public launch this week, just in time for the seasonal letters to Santa.
  • In a world of social media and text messaging, handwritten letters have become relics of the past. The Open Mailbox ( hopes to ...
  • December 06, 2012