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  • "The McCabe Project" is the effort of Bahamian journalists - Rupert Missick Jr and Paco Nuņez - to go beneath the bruise that is the rising rate of crime in The Bahamas and focus on the haemorrhaging beneath the surface of the headlines, the political talking points, and apathy of the general public.

    "The Mcabe Project" shines a spotlight on the hurt that causes crime, the conditions that spawn it, the damage left in its wake and the efforts to stop it.

    "The McCabe Project" takes part of its name from the poem "McCabe's Curse" written by a British Sea Captain of the same name who, in the early 1800s, was himself was a victim of crime in The Bahamas.
The Mccabe Project Press Release -

  • The Tribune Newspaper Launches The McCabe Project
  • Bahamas' Leading Daily Launces New Campaign to Address The Country's Rising Crime Rate.
  • Nassau, Bahamas - In the middle of a massive government crackdown on crime The Tribune newspaper, the Bahamas' leading daily, has launched an in-dept ...
  • September 23, 2013