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  • The Itch List is a community, a social platform that enables, assists and even pushes people to do the things on their Itch List. Quit Smoking, Visiting Alaska to learn Photography %u2013 anything one is itching to do! The platform is used actively by over 500 people to discover new ideas, track personal goals, find buddies or mentors, discuss learnings and share experiences. %u2028See

    List all the things you want to do and add a scratch-by date to each, to keep reminding you of your itches. If you%u2019re having trouble scratching them alone, you can partner with other members or invite your friends to join you.
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  • Announce your New Year's Resolution and The Itch List may sponsor it for you! #ShareYourItch
  • The Itch List wants you to actually do the things on your bucket list. So at the start of a fresh year, The Itch List urges you to share your New Year's Resolution with your friends AKA Share Your Itch and you stand a chance to win it. The Itch List will sponsor your itch for 2016.
  • How many times have you broken a New Year's resolution? If your answer is all the time, 2016 might just be different.

    The Itch List may ...
  • December 22, 2015