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  • Cathy P Russell
  • PO Box 36686
  • Phone: 313-282-9476
  • URL:
  • Our mission is to provide safe and affordable housing for Veterans, Domestic Violence Survivors and their children and homeless women and their children. We Foster technology, health education, career and financial educational training computer classes for economically disadvantaged youth%u2019s, girls, women, Veterans, domestic violence survivors and underprivileged individuals in helping them to become self-sufficiency and learn the skills for career advancement. In addition, we provide basic needs and care packages to thousands of families, Veterans and individuals all around the world requesting our assistance during these challenging times. To set up local chapters under the umbrell
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  • #LISTENTOOME Women Movement a Part Of 2018 Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge
  • #LISTENTOOME Women Movement Will be a part of the 2018 Purple Purse Challenge. The movement is a strong and force Voice for women who do not have ca Voice and is a powerful influence to help millions of women all around the globe to find their Voice. The movement is an inspiration in inspiring women all across the world to let their Voice be heard.
  • Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, March 30, 2018{, #LISTENTOOME Women Movement will compete for the Grand Prize, and be a voice for millions of women all ...
  • June 09, 2018