The Future of Stress Management

Top Quote A company that is bold enough to apply new techniques in the field of stress management. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 06, 2016 - is a company that has a futuristic yet user-focused approach towards stress management. Our approach will extinguish the apathy most people have towards coaching and training.

    We make your mind think like the master. That is why it's best to refer to our flagship package as a mastermind. It will cost you $10,000 to get a feel of Thehappinessangel stress training.

    Our training is purely one-on-one training. We do not encourage off-the-shelf, one-fits-all webinars circulating all over the internet.
    Benefits of Thehappinessangel Stress Training Service
    1. You have a simplified approach to handling stress
    2. You acquire a new approach to boosting your productivity
    3. You master a new approach to happiness
    4. You master a new approach to power. Someone once said: It is better to be powerful than happy.

    Our company launched the below petition on

    The United Nations has been struggling with ways to make the world peaceful. The roots of peace are power. Yes. Even political power borrows from the pure form of power.

    .... Power is that feeling of being in control. Through my stress management practice, I will spread power peacefully, thus imbue peace in the world. My training is based on the fact that when all spheres of our lives balance, we feel centered, grounded, in control, and capable of making things happen.

    That is the purest form of power.
    o Having the purest form of power prevents all the twisted and tainted forms of power from spreading in the globe.
    This pure form of power that balances all spheres of our lives fosters calmness. Calm people are ready to enrich the lives of others, to listen to a different view point, to weigh varying opinions, and to find common goal posts.

    The following article emphasizes the impact our service will have on a global scale. More like a poetic mission statement.

    A new world order

    There is a conspiracy out there that has kept us weak. We think. We accuse the moneyed people in the world. Wall Street, Hollywood, Bollywood, corporates Just because we believe money is power.

    In an attempt to have a feel of power, we max our credit cards. Embark on shopping sprees. Buying more stuff: Buying expensive things: Buying everything. Hoping that this will make us feel important: Peaceful then powerful. We accumulate debt faster than we can repay it. The false power has been taken from us. This makes us feel so helpless, that we cannot find real power.

    At work we feel enslaved- by whom? We point fingers at the employer; the client. We accuse him of exploiting us. Not paying us enough. Not allocating enough benefits. This disgruntle pushes us to launch legal suits against the employer. Or form a syndicate to control our clients. Maybe result into monopolistic practices. That is because we feel he has all the power. This question haunts our minds: How could he have all the power? He must have taken it from us. That is how we see things. Believe things.

    And when lawyers of our employers prove legally capable, we back off. We have lost the case. We launch vehement street strikes; against employers; against politicians; against Wall Street; against the existing world order. The most we get is promises and raw deals. We console ourselves by aping celebrities. We crave that feeling of easy power. The power we were fighting for proved hard to get.

    Behind the consolation lies a tangled web of frustration. This skein is growing, growing yet it lacks a suitable outlet. Anything goes.

    We launch a hunt for all forms of pleasure: The advertised forms - those that cause a rip off tide on our credit cards. But we don't care. We want an escape; an escape from work; an escape from unpredictable consumer behavior that eats into profits, housing bubbles, an escape from growling mortgage repayments, an escape from employee unions, an escape from the IRS, an escape from the same old same old world order. So we become escape junkies.

    We do not know what we need anymore. We no longer know our poison. That which makes us tick: The unifying factor for all humanity.

    This factor is power. To be in control, things need to be at peace. Everything ought to sync up in harmonious technicolor.
    What are these "things"? They are the multiple spheres of our lives. Although they pull us in many directions, they can be grouped into two. Things we do for money - work. And things we do -life. Repeat after me: When work and life balance our lives are at peace.

    So, how will peace give us power? When all is at peace, we start noticing endless possibilities (both at work and life).

    Possibilities make us feel capable. What more would you expect of power? We feel so capable that we make things happen. Then things start happening.

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