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  • The Estes Group is a consulting, coaching, and corporate training company near Greenville, South Carolina. The firm specializes in helping businesses hire, develop, and retain the best people. The Estes Group's transportation clients have reduced accident costs significantly by implementing its pre-employment screening process. Subscribe to Estes's free newsletter at The Estes Group is celebrating its 15 anniversary in 2007.
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  • Coaches Team Up for TeleSeminar on Better Time Management
  • Annette Estes of Greenville, SC and Mike Coleman of Nashville, TN are conducting a free TeleSeminar on better time management and how to stop procrastinating.
  • People who would like to improve their time management skills and get tips on how to stop procrastinating are invited to participate in a free TeleSem ...
  • July 24, 2010
  • US And Canadian Consultants Partner To Promote Personal Development
  • Personal Development Planning coaches Annette Estes and Daren Wride offer their knowledge and expertise to those searching for life skills lessons.
  • Annette Estes of Greenville, SC, and Daren Wride of Lake Country, BC, have joined forces to help people achieve a higher level of professional and per ...
  • July 10, 2010