The Deliberate Dumbing down of the Network Marketing Industry

Top Quote Since the book was Deliberate Dumbing Down of America cam out If one looks at how other industries been dumbed down like the music industry, or the marketing industry as a whole could very well in trouble if dumbing down everything continues. Much clear evidence has been examined that Network marketing has been dumbed downed into the version called Affiliate programs. End Quote
  • Detroit, MI (1888PressRelease) February 24, 2015 - Not everyone read Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, a book that was written by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. But other individuals noticed the dumbing down happening in other industries and started investigating the ongoing dilemma.

    The sociologist Pierre Bourdieu noted cultural capital as a means of social mobility, which is diminished by the processes of dumbing down. Dumbing down is a deliberate diminution of the intellectual level of education, literature, cinema, news, and culture. Has the deliberate dumbing down of America been expanded to other arenas, sectors and other industries?

    Mind control, false promises, much evidence is making more clear that mind control is involved with business opportunities, Network marketing and even affiliate programs are affected.

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    There must be a way to combat this oncoming storm that has been plaguing many industries on a vast scale. There can be no doubt that ever since the conception of the internet. Affiliate programs began blossoming like summer thunderstorms. Upon further evidence, some individuals were beginning to put the finger on it that Affiliate programs is a plain dumbed down version of MLM or network marketing. How ever, some might say its nothing more than Diet MLM which is wrapped up into a pretty package.

    The thing about the music industry with the dumbing it down. The website owner realizes that it will most likely implode on itself. The music industry, Like the mutli level marketing industry, like the marketing industry are in serious trouble if continues the way they are.

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