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  • Jean Lapointe
  • 158 Pearl Street
  • Phone: 4166400246
  • URL: http://www.daughtersforlife.com
  • The Daughters for Life Foundation believes that lasting peace in the Middle East depends on empowering girls and young women through education to develop strong voices for the betterment of life throughout the Middle East. To that end, we provide scholarships and awards for aspiring young women that enable them to pursue studies otherwise inaccessible to them. Awards are offered to students in Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria, as well as scholarships at the graduate and undergraduate level to study in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Our awards and scholarships are offered to young women of any Middle Eastern nationality or background, whether Arab or Israeli, and regardless of religious affiliation, whether Muslim, Jewish, or Christian. Our recipients are chosen not only for their academic achievements, often in the face of socio-economic adversity and hardship, but also for their character and commitment to improving the lives of girls and young women in the Middle East. Our goal is to invest in their potential for leadership and foster their success in whatever fields they choose to pursue.
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  • Daughters for Life Foundation Scholarships Winners 2015
  • Gift of Learning for Ten Young Women Students from across the Middle East, The Daughters for Life Foundation announced the final scholars' list for 2015.
  • Ten young women students from across the Middle East have been selected by the Toronto-based Daughters for Life Foundation to further their tertiary s ...
  • May 30, 2015