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  • CFTE is a new EdTech platform for the finance industry. It utilises m-learning and adaptive learning technologies to deliver courses aimed at up-skilling finance professionals in a rapidly changing industry being transformed by emerging technologies. The curriculum is being designed with inputs from an exceptional advisory and academic board and through consultations with banking institutions, start-ups, Fintech experts, and technology leaders. The first modules go live in September and will incorporate online modules and in-class learning delivered by world-class experts.
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  • CFTE announces five new board members to join Edtech project for financial services
  • CFTE announces five board members from Harvard Business School, Holberton School, Hong Kong University, Imperial College and London Business School to Join Edtech Project for Financial Services.
  • London - The Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) is building the future of online education in finance with an Edtech platform ...
  • June 07, 2017