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  • RC Nguyen
  • URL: http://www.fncd.net
  • Sharing a live countdown with others so everyone will be in sync for the big event. The Final Countdown app is able to import calendar notes, Facebook birthdays and contact's events. Users are able to customize skins and background images, even add widgets to their Home screen. The app is social network friendly and countdowns may be shared with friends using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Kik, Vine, Google , Weibo, text and email.
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  • Countdown App goes Cross Mobile Plaform
  • FINAL COUNTDOWN APP AVAILABLE FOR iPHONE (iOS) AND ANDROID DEVICES Allows Sharing For Live Countdowns. The Final Countdown App (www.fncd.net) is a one of a kind full featured Countdown app launched for Android and iOS. Final Countdown is the only app that counts down with seconds and milliseconds on the widget and the only app that can be used for sharing live countdowns across mobile devices.
  • Flint, MI - For instance, imagine sharing with family when a deployment is up and a military loved one is expected home. Maybe the count down is how ...
  • December 19, 2014