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  • Ashantihoward
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  • TazForte is also known as a American versatile hip/hop artists and songwriter%u201Dout of Atlanta,Ga, Growing up I struggled it use to be times when my mom spent all her money on us to make sure me and my two brothers had everything. It was also days where no food was in the house.It felt like a ball was in your stomach of how hungry we were . I use to make sure my shoes stayed clean because I knew I wasn%u2019t going to get a pair of shoes for a long time. I use to try to hustle up money the best way I could to provide for my mom so I can help out in anyway I can. At the time I use to go to the trailer park to hustle. The first time I knew I was talented when I was living at my grandma house. Me and my brother plus my cousins turned on Instrumental. We all came up with a hook and a verse At the time I was a singer. I really appreciate those moment because I knew what I was destined to be. I also was great at sports so that was stepping stone into getting known. After that I started getting into talent show and join the chorus.Once the teacher heard me sing she knew I was special so she offered me a solo part to sing at our graduation. That was a special moment for me that she believe in me to give me the solopart. I was a fan of a wide range of artists, at the time from Keith Sweat to Jimi Hendrix and Babyface to Tupac, I have come to appreciate what makes each artist different and strives to make my own music sound different too. By bringing these sounds together, I combines many musical genres and hip-hop subgenres together into a sound that carries a truly unique vibe and has a timeless feel. The most unforgettable aspect of my music however, is that I always keeps it real and raw.My creativity that I have endured.Has never been afraid to explore new sounds and push My music into uncharted territory. Those was my goals coming up.I know it was gonna be alot of competition that%u2019s why I prepared my self for the worst times. I think if I stay consistent with my music I will become great. if I can make this a full time job. Right now I%u2019m balancing both music and jobs. I%u2019m ready to put all my energy into it full time.I really want to see my greatness come to the light .I feel like I can bring uniqueness to the industry.
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  • Taz Forte has potential of becoming Megastar
  • Taz Forte, an Atlanta based up & coming music artist, is touching new pillars of success in the music world. He is passionate about hip-hop and rap music that he has derived because of his courageous approach in pursuing music.
  • Taz Forte has shown his expertise in hip-hop & rap music due to which he will make enormous waves in the music industry over the next few years. At hi ...
  • January 24, 2021