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  • CASSANDRA Olaleye
  • FCT, Abuja
  • Phone: 2348102977068
  • URL: http://www.talkstuff.cpm
  • TalkStuff is a social community that plays a major role in the transformation of online media and communication. Our main objective is to provide a platform where our users can connect and network with their peers.
Talkstuff Press Release -


  • The Search For The 'AFR GUEST STARS' Of 2017 Begins
  • The search for the 'AFR GUEST STARS' of 2017 is a global initiative created by TALKSTUFF in partnership with LEGENDARY GOLD (the organizers of Africa Fashion Reception). Sponsored by the African Union and UNESCO, these events will take place in Addis Ababa from the 28th 30th September, 2017 and in Paris on the 4th November, 2017.
  • TalkStuff has the MANDATE to discover the newest, freshest and UNREPRESENTED fashion models and emerging fashion designers in Africa, and to launch th ...
  • July 28, 2017