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  • Sophie Davis
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  • Talent Sity, Inc. is an innovative talent solutions provider to engage and retain top performers. People are complex. Each individual has a unique strand of talents, and for some, it takes years to discover them. People are happiest when they are engaged, seizing opportunities to use their talents. To move the needle of engagement, a combination of art and science reveals a promising solution.
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  • Sity Launches MoneyBall for Talent to Engage and Retain Top Performers
  • The Talent Sity Suite is an all in one product that CHRO's and business owners will love. Quotes from global HR consultants are weaved into the website for support and now we know why. Felicia Moghadam, Talent Sity's CEO, is referenced to share why top performers are attracted to this solution and how Talent Sity differs from the traditional talent solution.
  • Talent Sity, Inc. today introduced their High Performance Sity Talent Suite at, the most revolutionary solution to engage and retain top talen ...
  • July 06, 2016