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  • Kim
  • p.O. Box 83 Virginia City, Nevada 89440
  • Phone: 775-847-7160
  • URL: http://www.takingmattersintoyourownhands.com
  • My name is Kim. I am a new author. I am in the process of starting a new business. I am very excited about it. I am trying to provide good information and products that will help people to achieve all of their financial goals and to change their lives.
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  • Just released: "Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands"
  • Kim Scharfenberg has written an EBook about her medical care. She shares her story of the most excruciating painful, frustrating, and devastating three years of her life dealing with the medical community until she finally took matters into her own hands and found the medical care and treatment that gave her back her life.
  • Can you trust your doctors? This EBook answers that question. Kim Scharfenberg reveals her story. How she blindly followed everything all her docto ...
  • March 05, 2010