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  • Radon Gas Linked To Skin Cancer According to Health Protection Agency
  • A recent study released by the Health Protection Agency in Great Britain has also linked exposure to radon gas to squamous cell carcinoma, a non-malignant form of skin cancer.
  • Taking the steps necessary to prevent radon gas from entering the home has now become more important than ever. Prolonged exposure to radon gas has be ...
  • November 30, 2011  
  • Harvard Study Reveals that Radon is the Leading In-Home Health Hazard
  • Harvard conducts study that reveals that radon gas is the number one in-home health hazard. SWAT Environmental provides solutions to radon gas issues.
  • For many years, scientists and doctors have known that there is a strong link between radon contamination of homes and serious diseases like lung canc ...
  • November 04, 2011