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Swasth Healthtech Private Ltd Information
  • Shiv Kaushik
  • 957-D, Tower B1, Spaze i Tech Park, Sector 49, Sohna Rod
  • Phone: 9811200902
  • URL: http://www.swasthonline.com
  • Swasth is an E-Commerce marketplace for all healthcare
    system with a special focus on high-end and planned
    treatments. We are an innova%uDBC0%uDD9Fve company in the
    healthcare sector to provide a single point pla%uDBC0%uDD9Eorm for
    pa%uDBC0%uDD9Fents to look for healthcare facili%uDBC0%uDD9Fes available in a
    transparent and at compe%uDBC0%uDD9F%uDBC0%uDD9Fve price. We did lot of research
    and found that tradi%uDBC0%uDD9Fonally we are li%u2002le hesitant and
    ignorant about asking the services and facili%uDBC0%uDD9Fes offered by
    our healthcare system. Swasth is here to provide and
    educate customers on their treatment cost and facili%uDBC0%uDD9Fes
    provided by various hospitals at a compe%uDBC0%uDD9F%uDBC0%uDD9Fve price.
    Swasth is an aggregator through our technology platform for patients.
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