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    Spoilt Cow specializes in providing the widest range of fully personalized Internet domain names, emails & hosting plans through its global infrastructure.

    In an overcrowded and overpriced Domain Names market with nearly 200 million, mostly forgettable, DOT Domains already registered, isn't time you tried a DASH-COM?

    For further details, please see website www.spoiltcow.com
Spoilt Cow Press Release -


  • Internet Service Provider SPOILT COW Signs Up to Offer New DASH-COM Domain Names
  • SPOILT COW has today joined up with ISPs groups such as DASHWORLDS and DOTNOTE to provide brand new "DASH-COM domains at no cost to their users. Trendsetters know that important social climbing names such as "duchess-com" and "royalty-net" can now be registered". Yes, darlings!....All of a sudden, the best Internet addresses are back.
  • For Internet users who felt all the valuable "COM" domains had gone, as from today, you'll find them available all over again. This time it's a level ...
  • June 21, 2010