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  • Serge Lapytski
  • Spiritual Incitement New York, NY
  • Phone: 706-509-8422
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  • Serge%u2019s son, Roman Lapytski, is a very young gentleman, in his early twenties, who already has his own views and opinions about life and world events. Roman came up with the idea of %u201CSpiritual Incitement%u2026%u201D and inspired his father to write this book. Moreover, Roman wrote some parts of it himself. Very energetic, humorous and having a positive attitude, this youthful man brings a lot of love and joy to his family and friends.
Spiritual Incitement Press Release -

  • Spiritual Incitement by Serge and Roman Lapytski
  • is pleased to announce the release of a new psychological thriller, Spiritual Incitement! The story incorporates elements of mystery and drama, psychosomatic horror and the typical traits of the crime novel genre.
  • "Spiritual Incitement" is a psychological thriller with an intense focus on the unstable emotional state of a young gentleman named Romeo, who used to ...
  • February 19, 2013