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  • Vincent Goffin
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  • Speed Queen, World n%uFFFD1 in laundromat business.
    Speed Queen has been manufacturing commercial laundry equipment for over 100 years, and so it is today the world%u2019s No. 1 in the laundromat business. Speed Queen washing machines and dryers have outperformed and outlasted the competition, delivering outstanding results, load after load. At the cutting-edge of technology, Speed %u200B%u200BQueen offers innovative and interactive features that make its machines simpler and more intuitive to use. Ergonomics and design are also thoroughly studied to optimize the daily use of its whole range of products.
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  • Speed Queen, the most recommended washer & dryer brand by American women
  • For the third year running, Speed Queen has been named as the luxury washer/dryer brand most recommended by Amercian women.
  • In a world where every brand strives to distinguish itself favorably, Speed Queen is playing an active role in the advancement of equal opportunity be ...
  • July 15, 2016