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  • Spectra Scribe
  • 251 Queen Street South Suite 191, Mississauga, ON L5M1L7
  • Phone: 1-905-290-1546
  • URL: https://spectrascribe.com/
  • SpectraScribe offers expert transcription services which capture every element of speeches or lectures to recreate the exact meaning on paper, as is, when first expressed. Our transcriptionists are trained in making transcriptions for focus groups, academic conferences, legal proceedings and much more.
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  • SpectraScribe Provides Excellent Medico-Legal Transcription Services
  • SpectraScribe thoroughly trains its transcribers to become skilled medico-legal transcribers. Visit our website to hire IME or court transcriptionists today.
  • Patient records make effective healthcare a possibility for medical practitioners. Thus keeping clear, accurate, and contemporaneous patient records i ...
  • August 20, 2020