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  • SpectraCell Adds Manganese to its Micronutrient Panel
  • SpectraCell Laboratories has added the mineral manganese to its micronutrient test (MNT), which identifies nutritional deficiencies in people. Manganese is a trace element that helps the body fight oxidative stress.
  • March 31, 2012
  • SpectraCell Introduces Immunidex(TM)
  • SpectraCell introduces Immunidex(TM), which is a personalized assessment of immune function based on a person's white blood cells. Immunidex(TM) uses a patented technology for assessing cellular function, unique to SpectraCell Laboratories and will be added to every micronutrient test it performs without increasing the price.
  • February 17, 2012
  • SpectraCell Announces 2012 Webinar Series
  • SpectraCell Laboratories has lined up a webinar series for 2012 that will focus on the link between micronutrient status and health. SpectraCell's webinars are presented by nationally recognized expert physicians and free to the public, although they are geared toward the physician who wants to implement innovative diagnostic testing and technologies in his practice.
  • February 01, 2012