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  • Steve Lynch
  • 1245 E. Diehl Rd. Suite 307, Naperville, IL
  • Phone: 630-385-8576
  • URL:
  • Space Colony Earth is a plan to develop an archive of scientific, technological, historical and artistic knowledge as well as DNA from animals, plants, microbes, and people. These archives will become a source of information for future generations and a back-up for Earth should some global catastrophe occur.

    The highlight of the plan will be the availability for individuals and families to create and store their legacies and DNA for future access by their ancestors.

    The archives will be stored in three locations: a self-sustaining underground community simulating an off-planet environment, a Lunar archive placed on the Moon, and aboard Starship Ark, an interstellar spacecraft targeting another star system.
Space Colony Earth Press Release -

  • Company Announces Plan to Launch the First Starship
  • Space Colony Earth sets target to launch Starship Ark in the early 2020's. The destination has yet to be determined, but if the discovery of new planets continues at the current pace, it is likely several choices will be available before the launch.
  • Naperville, IL, USA - Though Voyager is now leaving the solar system and as such may be considered the first starship, this was not the original inten ...
  • August 21, 2012