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  • Songeist is an exciting new music community for new bands to sell music online which will bring musicians and music lovers together. On you get to define who you are as an artist and instruction on how to promote a band and sell music online.
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  • Music Website Announces Follow Friday Blog Series
  • Music distribution website and music community loves the twitter tradition of #Follow Fridays. "For those of you not au-fait with the Social Media world" they say on their blog, "this is a weekly opportunity for the music community (or non music community) to recommend and 'big-up' people in the twittosphere whose updates you follow.
  • You just type #FF and then list your favourite tweeters e.g. @Songeist or @SonicBoomSix etc." It's another fun way of spreading the love to people/org ...
  • October 19, 2012