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  • Janina Rad
  • 156 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Phone: (001) 248-436-8037
  • URL:
  • Snacktools is a suite of web apps for high quality banners, widgets and websites. They work with most blog platforms, CMS and social websites Technically, anywhere you can post a YouTube video, you can post a SnackTools widget as well.
Snacktools Press Release -

  • Rich media digital magazines with FlipSnack
  • FlipSnack is a digital magazine publishing software that generates flipbooks or digital magazines from PDF and JPG files you upload to your account. This week the publishing platform got an important upgrade, in the addition of a new editor which enables people to add rich media to their online publications.
  • Users will be able to add many items after upload, to enrich their publications and make more sales:

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  • March 04, 2014