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  • Versatile Chicago based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, GRAHAM CZACH, fuses modern and progressive rock sensibilities with old school social consciousness. The Chicago Music Award winner%u2019s live band and debut album %u2018Lucid%u2019 feature:

    Kris Myers (Umphrey%u2019s McGee) - drums
    Matt Nelson (Lupe Fiasco, Matthew Santos) - keys
    Chris Siebold (Howard Levy, Kick The Cat) - guitars
    Graham Burris (Matthew Santos) %u2013 bass, guitar

    %u2014plus brilliant artwork by album artist Jeff Jordan (The Mars Volta)
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  • Awe-Inspiring Rope Man Video Redefines the Musical Term "One Man Band"
  • A new YouTube video ( ) reveals the talented "Rope Man" using a complex music invention to play 13 instruments at once. Self-made musical contraption consists of PVC pipe, rope, erasers, guitars, cymbal, drums, metal springs and more. This short 2 min. video shows something that has never been done before in the history of man!
  • Graham Czach (pronounced "zak") is at the end of his rope. Actually, 10 ropes. In the new, eye-inspiring Rope Man video on YouTube ( ...
  • July 21, 2011