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  • Shachar Tal
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  • Skills and Knowledge Ltd. is a young startup company with one big goal: we aim to improve the heck out of information processing by people. It means that we want to provide you with an environment, in which, for example, you can do your homework faster and better, meaning you save time and improve your grades.
    Our apps are designed to be friendly and easy, but behind this friendliness there's great technology working, allowing you to automate boring tasks as much as possible, saving time in the process, and guiding you toward better work, and better grades.
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  • Hostile Takeover of a Crowdfunding Campaign Threatens Israeli Start Up's Credibility
  • sCoolWork's campaign promoting an innovative web app which improves students' grades while decreasing homework preparation time, has been hijacked by an unknown identifying only as "Chuck", promoting a profane, self proclaimed "best logo in the world".
  • Today's anonymous update for Skills and Knowledge (S&K)'s crowdfunding campaign page has been significantly shorter than previous updates posted by th ...
  • August 14, 2012
  • sCoolWork Releases World's First Free Editor to ‎Automatically Support Academic Styles‎
  • sCoolWork, an innovative web app which decreases homework preparation time while ‎increasing quality, releases a unique free editor to automatically comply with ‎MLA/APA/Chicago academic styles. Editor was developed in a gamification process which ‎revealed users' strong demand. ‎
  • Known to many students around the world, and to an increasing number of U.S. secondary ‎and higher education students, academic formatting style ...
  • May 18, 2012