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Top Quote Simply Men’s Health serving West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami and the entire United States, is quickly grabbing attention as the leader in the Men’s Sexual Health for introducing the most advanced, cutting-edge treatments to CURE Erectile Dysfunction (ED). End Quote
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  • West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL (1888PressRelease) August 07, 2020 - Simply Men’s Health serving West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami and the entire United States, is quickly grabbing attention as the leader in the Men’s Sexual Health for introducing the most advanced, cutting-edge treatments to CURE Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The Boca Raton based medical group are specialists in treating Erectile Dysfunction. They are so confident they can help you – they guarantee success on your first visit!

    For years, the primary treatment for ED has been “the little blue pill,” which only brings temporary relief. Oral medications do not treat the underlying cause of ED and can have major side effects for some patients. However, Simply Men’s Health, serving South Florida since 2014, revolutionized the treatment of ED with the introduction of the exclusive RejuvaWAVE® Shockwave therapy for ED and the Rejuva-Enhancement Procedure™ combining Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cells.

    The damage Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can do to the quality of a man’s life can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the stigma associated with ED has lessened with advent of increased awareness and treatment options.

    At Simply Men’s Health, they treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Simply Men's Health can help men reclaim their sexual health, youthful energy, vitality and allow couples to enjoy sexual intimacy again. Men of all ages can enjoy a SPONTANEOUS, active sex life once again, as they did when they were much younger. Simply ONE visit will change your life forever.

    RejuvaWAVE® and Stem Cell Therapy: REGAIN Your Sexual Vitality
    REJUVAnation Medical Center and its men’s sexual health division, Simply Men’s Health, revolutionized the the treatment for ED with RejuvaWAVE ® , the gold-standard in acoustic shock wave therapy for ED . We supercharged the traditional ED shock wave therapy, used in Europe for over 20 years with an 80% success rate, by combining it with the RejuvaEnhancement™ PRP Stem Cell Procedure.

    RejuvaWAVE® stimulates the regrowth and regeneration of blood vessels and nerve tissue in the penis. Adding the RejuvaEnhancement™ PRP P-Shot® and 100's of potent-placental stem cell growth factors works synergistically to enhance and boost the effectiveness and dramatically improves outcome.

    Erectile Dysfunction affects millions of men, often leading to relationship difficulties, self esteem issues and depression. Although most men are reluctant to admit they have ED, over 60% of men experience ED issues in their 60's and more than 80% of men over 80 will suffer from erectile dysfunction.

    Viagra, if you can tolerate the headaches and stuffy nose, may work at first, but it is only a "band-aid" and eventually stops working because the underlying cause of your ED progresses. RejuvaWAVE® , P-Shot® and Stem Cell growth factors are Regenerative Medicine treatments that, unlike Viagra, REVERSE the root cause and can CURE your ED in as few as 3 weeks.

    The little blue-pill introduced in the 90's was a temporary "fix." Now in the 21st century RejuvaWAVE® shock wave therapy heralds a NEW era in men's sexual health. No longer does a slowing in sexual performance and ultimately the dreaded ED have to be accepted as a normal part of aging. Repair Regenerate and Renew and REGAIN your Sexual Vitality.

    Why medicate, when you can CURE!
    What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?
    Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) typically involves the administration of testosterone, either by injection or by use of testosterone skin creams or gels. Testosterone is the hormone in men responsible for the development of male reproductive tissues, sexual characteristics and function, bone and muscle mass, providing a sense of wellness and virility. It also helps promote ideal levels of sperm production and protects against bone loss and heart disease.

    Simply Men’s Health bio-identical therapeutic Testosterone replacement therapy will help you feel stronger and healthier, increase your energy and motivation, perform better at work improving your memory, focus and clarity of thought, and restore your stamina and sexual vitality!

    Rejuvenation and Enhancement
    Even though there are multiple reasons for experiencing a decrease in one’s sexual vitality, including the natural aging process, we have a solution to help with that. By investing in the P-Shot, male patients can take the first step to regain their sexual vitality and control of their sexual experiences. The P-Shot is short for Priapus Shot® and involves utilizing platelet-rich plasma in your blood to stimulate the growth and healing factors in the penis.

    P-Shot treatment is available at Simply Men’s Health in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas of Palm Beach, Boca Raton, St Lucie, Broward and Miami Dade County. Our team will help ease the patient into treatment and guide them through the process. We strive to use this treatment to help provide patients with sexual rejuvenation and natural enlargement by utilizing plasma in the patient’s blood.

    If you are a man concerned about your sexual health, there are solutions. Even when all else has failed, including “pills,” Simply Men’s Health has over 90% success rate in restoring your sexual vitality. Their discreet and professional staff works with each patient to achieve their optimal sexual performance using effective and customized treatment plans.

    Some treatment options available include:
    -RejuvaWAVE® Shockwave ED & Peryonie’s Treatment
    -P-Shot® (PRP)
    -Injection Therapy
    -Stem Cell & Exosome Therapy
    -Low T bio-identical hormone Testosterone
    -Peptide Therapy
    -Combination of therapies

    Results include:
    -Return of erection function
    -Harder and more sustained erections
    -Relief from the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease (curvature of penis)
    -Decreased time between orgasms
    -Increased confidence in the bedroom
    -Increased penis size
    -Increase libido

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