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  • The process is completed by custom sewing/designing any key items needed incorporating image, body analysis and color consulting. Other affiliate companies offer discounts on basic replacements such as t-shirts, tank tops, underwear, sweaters, etc. The service is designed to help consumers transition to a clean, organic, natural and sustainable wardrobe that's right for them. Many people are beginning to realize there's more to fashion than what meets the eye and are digging deep to see the big picture- current habits simply cannot be sustained. The mission is to reduce the negative impact of fashion-period and the focus is on connecting all the dots, transforming and changing lives one
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  • Jacksonville, FL Based Company Silver Needle & Thread Has Incorporated a New Spin on an Old Service
  • Closet organization now has a new twist. Today's fast fashion is filled with toxic, hazardous and dangerous chemicals that are affecting human health? Silver Needle & Thread services can help identify toxic garments, synthetic fabrics and dangerous technology lurking in today's wardrobes.
  • Jacksonville, FL - What's new about closet organization? The company uses the term closet sweep to define services because they entail much more than ...
  • November 11, 2015