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  • Oana Dascalescu
  • 105 N 1st Street #429, San Jose, CA, USA
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Siftgo Inc. Press Release -

  • SIFTGO INC. has launched the most varied website for jobs, employment and partnerships
  • Born in the heart of the IT community from California, in Silicon Valley, SIFTGO Corporation has launched a website that bears its name,, a platform dedicated to businesses and individuals, which facilitates both the selection and recruitment procedure and that of finding a job or collaboration.
  •, a platform with massive growth potential, comes to help the companies, but also those interested in a job or for potential collaborations. ...
  • October 13, 2016
  • has been officially launched, a meaningful competition for the HR giants
  • After more than two years of technical research and development, a start-up from Silicon Valley (California), founded by two Romanians, launches, an online platform designed to revolutionize the global recruitment procedure.
  • brings a series of innovative aspects internationally. The unique algorithm behind the advanced options of the central search engine allows ...
  • September 29, 2016