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  • The agency was established in 2009 to work in London and the South East of England. After years of working in marketing communications I know this: clients was original thinking, budget-based proposals that really connnect with their audiences and, in an industry that moves impossibly fast, they want it yesterday. And that's what we deliver - with passion.
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  • John Austin hosts Pit Stop Workshop in Colchester
  • Every year the John Austin garage hosts a Pit Stop Workshop for motorists who want to get to grips with basic car maintenance. People, well exclusively ladies really, of all ages, spend time here overcoming their fear of changing wheels, reading tyre pressures and checking oil levels. This is always a hands-on session for people who want to be more self-sufficient.
  • I'm Aisha Allan, an English graduate from Kelvedon. I need my car to get around but, like most people I know, I don't have the first clue about looki ...
  • April 05, 2011