Seven Reasons The Rich Use Ghostwriters

Top Quote Rich are ponying up big bucks to have ghostwriters put their words on paper and share their wisdom with the masses. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 03, 2010 - New York, NY - Ivana has three of them. The Donald has more than a dozen of them. Bill Gates has several and so does Warren Buffet.

    What do the super rich have that you don't? Books with their names on them. From fiction to nonfiction, the rich are ponying up big bucks to have ghostwriters put their words on paper and share their wisdom with the masses.

    One of the top companies the wealthy turn to when they want to create a written work is Arbor Books, a leading ghostwriting firm that has been writing and publishing books for the wealthy for more than a decade.

    "The wealthy expect a different level of service and attention to detail," says Larry Leichman, co-owner of Arbor Books ( "We have written for celebrities, sports figures, infomercial giants, pharmaceutical kings, industrialists, defense industry heavyweights and more. We're able to deliver top-quality showcase books for our clients every time."

    Why do the super rich clamor to have their books ghostwritten? Here are the top seven reasons:

    1. To create a legacy. A book is a great way to ensure that the story of your achievements and accolades endures for generations. No one can tell your story as clearly and compellingly as a professional ghostwriter.

    2. For the prestige. Even in the age of blogs, being a published author still impresses people. The title carries a level of authority and esteem that no other medium can match.

    3. As a showcase. The super-rich know things other people don't--that's how they've reached such levels of success. Sharing your knowledge and expertise is a great way to express your ideas, offer insight and "give back" to a community or industry--and make some money while doing so.

    4. To promote your business. If you have a book and your competitors don't, you've got the edge when it comes to branding and name recognition. Working with a ghostwriter can help you take your business to the next level.

    5. To generate even more income. The Donald has a series of books--not just one--touting his business acumen. Creating a franchise of educational books is a powerful revenue stream and opens the door for seminars, TV appearances and more.

    6. For image rehabilitation. These days, large corporations are taking beatings in the media. A professionally ghostwritten book can go a long way towards humanizing executives and their businesses and getting the behind-the-scenes story out to the public.

    7. For promotion. When launching a large line of new products, it helps to have a famous face for endorsements. Who better than a CEO with a new book to sell? More and more, corporate leaders are getting involved in the commercial promotion of their own brands, and a ghostwritten book can be an excellent tool in this area. A book can open a direct line to customers and offer promotional opportunities that other forms of media cannot.

    Arbor Books, a global company, has worked with business titans and the independently wealthy from a wide variety of industries. The firm works closely with clients to plan their projects so that they meet the strictest standards of excellence.

    "Books are hot items right now," says Joel Hochman, co-owner of Arbor Books. "If you work with a ghostwriter to put together the perfect written showcase of your business and your accomplishments, you can control your message and keep your name at the front of the public's minds."

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