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  • Mohammad Faikh
  • 4th Floor, Farra Building, Banks Street, Downtown, Beirut, Lebanon
  • URL:
  • Servia is a Lebanon based management and consulting company focusing on administration, accounting, cash management, internal auditing, taxation, marketing and other financial services.
    We are one of the leading group of dedicated and talented professionals who offer a high standard of services such as financial, technical, digital marketing, concierge and business consulting services to our clients and the community.
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  • Servia Management & Consulting Co.ís New Official Website Goes LIVE
  • Scroll down to read more about how servia management & consulting co.ís new official website goes LIVE!
  • Understanding the existing challenging business atmosphere, Servia Management & Consulting Co. is a leading business, web and financial services compa ...
  • January 15, 2019