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  • Ernest Serrano
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  • Serrano Studios is a Visalia, California based film house which is comprised of Film Production, feature
    and short films, commercial production, mini series, script writing and directing, headed by Ernest Serrano.
Serrano Studios Press Release -

  • 'Confessions’, the series, Picks up two Best Web Series Awards
  • 'Confessions’, the series was awarded the Grand Jury Award for Best Web Series at the Monthly Oniros Film Awards, in Saint-Vincent, Italy. They also received the Best Web Series award at the Madras Independent Film Festival, in Chennai India. Both awards were presented in June 2020.
  • The Serrano Studios intimate horror miniseries, ‘Confessions’ a pentalogy story of evil vs. evil was recognized by the film awards. Confessions recent ...
  • June 24, 2020