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  • The Artist Management & PR division takes care of all aspects and PR as well as the official sites to support the musical career of international artist Robert Lauri. Confidence, synergy, and the exchange of ideas are key components to developing the career of a talented musician. I would like to thank the artist who allows me to work with him on his career. It's an honor to work with this artist on his musical endeavors that are the mirror of his talent. Another window of our activities are the Cyber services with customized newsletters, webpages, marketing concepts and internet radio.
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  • The Adventures of Miss Daisy for young and old and cat lovers
  • In turn, Laura and her cat Daisy narrate their adventures to us, each in her own particular way. Between nearly constant moves and burglaries, however, there exists a stability in the turbulent life of these two: the affection that unifies them.
  • Those who own a cat are going to love and recognize many of the same cat behavior. For Linda Adnil-Vranken, no doubt, the behavior and the state of mi ...
  • March 09, 2012  
  • In My Mind : New international duet from Diane Marino and Robert Lauri
  • "In My Mind", the new duet from Diane Marino and Robert Lauri - a collaborative work from Paris, France to Nashville, Tennessee. A combined effort of talented international artists gathered for this song produced by Robert Lauri, written and performed by Robert Lauri with American jazz vocalist Diane Marino and the powerful lyrics of Mitch Hiller.
  • Diane Marino and Robert Lauri are talented musicians in their own right. They joined forces to produce the standout track, "In My Mind" and another du ...
  • March 06, 2012  
  • Robert Lauri : Single "Oh No" Now Available
  • « Oh No » is the new single from a new album to be released in summer. The single is now available on the main download stores.
  • « Oh No » is the new single from Robert Lauri's new album scheduled for release in summer. In this single, with lyrics by Mitch Hiller, Robert Lauri u ...
  • February 20, 2012  
  • Robert Lauri and Andrea Dreah Pennington : Single Time is Over now available
  • An international duo that brings together the United States and Europe in a synergy of voices and choirs that is based on a jazzy and groovy melody.
  • "Time is Over" is a new international duet by Robert Lauri and Andrea "Dreah" Pennington. This is a brilliantly sung conversation that plays on the th ...
  • December 04, 2011