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  • Cassandra Cipoletti
  • 2734 W Country Club Road, Philadelphia PA
  • Phone: 1-412-641-9907
  • URL:
  • SenaCare is dedicated to providing patients from around
    the world the best healthcare. Dr. Wehbe founded
    SenaCare with a group of socially responsible American
    Board Certified physicians, who represent a variety of
    medical specialties and multicultural backgrounds. We
    specialize in elite medical travel to the US and
    telemedicine. SenaCare%u2019s multilingual American Board
    Certified physicians offer international patients access to
    an expert panel referral service for recommendation on
    the best treatment anywhere in the US as well as
    continuity of care via their telemedicine and network of
    worldwide physicians. We have doctors that speak English, Arabic, among other languages.
    French speaking
Senacare Press Release -

  • SenaCare and announce the launch of "Ask the Doctor"
  • The company that brought the MENA region the first online first online doctor appointment portal, has now partnered with SenaCare (American Board Certified physician organization) to provide patients and healthcare professionals with the first online second opinion Q&A submission forum in the MENA region. "Ask the Doctor" represents a strong advance in the world of healthcare.
  • SenaCare and (Member of Portal Holdings) today announced a relationship to launch an online second opinion platform aimed at increasing p ...
  • April 20, 2011
  • World Health: Accounting for Rare Diseases in Future Healthcare Solutions
  • Last week World Rare Disease Day events took place worldwide. This article provides a summary on the treatment for rare diseases and explanation behind the increased and much needed focus on rare diseases. Included within the article is information on SenaCare's international personalized healthcare services and the relevance of these services/products to the rare disease patient population.
  • In 2008, on February 29th, a day with a rare calendar occurrence of only once in every four years, EURODIS (European Organization for Rare Diseases) o ...
  • March 10, 2011