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  • Deborah Smith
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  • Sell Off Auctions is a penny auction company. That means that people pay $179 to sign up and then are given a package of bids they can spend on auctions for popular consumer goods. Each time they place a bid, the price goes up by a penny and time is added to the clock. The last person to place a bid gets to buy the product at the final price.
Selloff Auctions Press Release -

  • Sell Off Auctions Reaches 2000 Registered Users: With Hopes To Continue Expanding
  • SellOff Auctions is a new and fun penny auction site that is expanding quickly. They were happen to announce today that they are growing quickly, just in time for those holiday shoppers!
  • Sell Off Auctions is becoming a growing force in the penny auction marketplace and has now achieved a user base of more than 2,000 participants, compa ...
  • November 18, 2010