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  • You don't become a world renowned pianist and composer overnight. Charles Segal has been practicing the art of piano for over half a century. Loved the world over, award winning and multi talented Charles Segal has received many honors and awards, including South African Grammys.

    A master pianist and composer, Charles Segal blends feeling with the perfect combination of notes to stir the soul and ease the spirit; or ignite, delight and stimulate the mind. Whether it's his award winning children's music and musicals, romantic melodies, upbeat jazz or relaxing tunes, Charles has a unique and intuitive talent that moves his listeners
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  • When Talented Passion Meets Positive-Message Programming: Charles Segal to be featured on Supreme Master TV
  • World renowned Grammy winning composer and pianist Charles Segal's 2 part interview about "Enlightened Entertainment" on Supreme Master TV will air August 10th and August 18th in 15 languages across the world, spanning topics such as his 50 year love-affair with music, people, piano techniques, philosophy and the meaning of life.
  • Charles Segal recently sat down with Supreme Master TV for a multifaceted two-part interview on "Enlightened Entertainment" spanning topics such as hi ...
  • August 10, 2010