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Secret Static Information
  • Max Sharp
  • 1717 S Dorsey Ln Apt. 2009
  • Phone: 2083806475
  • URL: http://www.gofundme.com/secretstaticpuppet
  • Secret Static is a high performance rock band. The sound is fresh and new and above all, VERY unique and original. Kind of like Tool/NIN/Nirvana Unplugged. Secret Static brings music lovers the heaviest of heavies and the softest of softs all in the same song.
Secret Static Press Release -


  • GoFundMe.com site just launched for Secret Static funding for their debut single 'Puppet'
  • Secret Static is a fresh new sound for the rock and roll industry and they have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to complete their debut single, 'Puppet.' Brand new sound that truly captures the emotions of heartbreak and conflict. Empowering, subtle, and jam packed with emotional release!
  • Hello Music Lovers, I am JoeMax of Tempe, AZ. I am the lead singer and guitarist for Secret Static and we are working with Hollywood's best of the bes ...
  • December 05, 2016