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  • Jorge Pina Rodrigues
  • Travessa da Paraventa, nº 1, Gaeiras, 2510 Óbidos, Portugal
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  • Sea For Life, Lda. is an ocean oriented R&D company, based in Óbidos - Portugal.

    Our goal is to develop clean technologies that lead to a sustainable increase in human surplus.

    Since 2007 Sea For Life is in the process of developing and building a breakthrough device capable of establishing itself in the market as the commercial model for wave energy extraction, It's name, WEGA (Wave Energy Gravitational Absorber). By doing so, we aim to provide a sustainable alternative to conventional energy sources. Throughout the development process we used rigorous scientific methods and it was not uncommon to go back and redo it again.However, in the end we achieved what we set out, a technology that produces wave energy based on the behavior of the waves and taking full advantage of the laws of gravity.
Sea For Life Press Release -

  • Sea For Life, Ocean-oriented R&D Company, Developing WEGA Wave Energy Device
  • Sea For Life introduces WEGA (Wave Energy Gravitational Absorber). The WEGA device is an articulated suspended body, semi-submerged, attached to a mount structure, which oscillates in an elliptical orbit with the passage of the waves.
  • Since 2007, Sea For Life has been developing and building an innovative device named WEGA (Wave Energy Gravitational Absorber): a technology capable o ...
  • November 03, 2010