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  • Captain D. J. Obvious
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  • The Sea Arrrgh, also known as Anonymous, is a disorganized gaggle of individuals that are currently protesting the abuses of the Scientology Organization. Anonymous maintains professional standards in audio equipment.
Sea Arrrgh Press Release -

  • The Sea Arrrgh shivers the timbers of Scientology Sea Org
  • Internet pirates don their fancy hats and corsets and form raiding parties outside local Scientology locations, in an effort to call attention to what they perceive as human rights violations and general failure in the "Sea Org". Lawsuits currently in progress highlight the controversial practices which Sea Org members are subjected to.
  • Clearwater, FL - In this month of June 2009, Anonymous launches OPERATION CRUISE CONTROL, also christened as Sea Arrrgh II, an international event whi ...
  • June 13, 2009