Scientology Cult Fails to Reach Goal of "Clearing the Planet" by 1969

Top Quote Scientology cult founder L. Ron Hubbard postulated in 1968 that Scientology could "take the planet within a year." It is now revealed that the cult failed to reach this goal. End Quote
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  • (1888PressRelease) July 21, 2009 - The Scientology cult was not able to "clear the planet" of non-Scientologists by 1969, it has been learned.

    A recently-leaked "Confidential" 1968 audio tape of cult founder L. Ron Hubbard addressing a high-level cadre of Scientology managers features his claim that if Scientology "technology" (i.e. techniques, rules and regulations) was correctly applied, Scientology might be able to "take the planet within a year."

    Evidence strongly suggests that Scientology completely failed in reaching this goal, even by 2009.

    Hubbard further asserts that correct application of the "tech" would cause "stats" (i.e. revenue and recruiting) at Scientology "orgs" (i.e. offices) to "triple within 90 days." This also did not come to pass.

    The transcript of this recording is as follows:

    Do you know that absolutely Standard Tech -- complete, utter, hairline, Standard Tech -- used in organizations throughout the world, will at least triple the stats of each org within 90 days. Couldn't help it. And if it was really applied in a business-like fashion, and nobody messed it up in any way, shape or form -- one of our Division 5 people said we might even be able to take the planet within a year. It is hot! Scientology is so much hotter than anybody thinks it is, that it is fantastic! -- L. Ron Hubbard, "Welcome to Class VIII" (Confidential), 24 Sept. 1968. (#6809C24)

    "Standard Tech":
    In Scientology, Standard Tech refers to uncompromising application of the Dianetics and Scientology techniques, rules and regulations prescribed by L. Ron Hubbard.

    "Clear the planet":
    Scientology's oft-cited goal is to "clear the planet" of all non-Scientologists, and of all people who refuse to become Scientologists. A primary means of achieving this is through the "global obliteration of psychiatry," as Scientologists believe that a secret order of evil psychiatrists operates behind the scenes in every government, creating havoc through pushing lobotomies, electroshock and worthless pills upon the masses. These psychiatrists, who have been responsible for the Holocaust, the African slave trade, the Spanish Inquisition and every other bad thing that has ever happened, answer in turn to overlords of other psychiatry-based civilizations in other parts of the galaxy.

    The lives of all Scientology managers are completely fixated on "keeping stats up." Scientology "stats," or statistics, are Scientology's way of calculating a particular office's value, in terms of revenue and recruitment, but also, importantly, in terms of public relations. A negative newspaper article about Scientology will immediately plunge the cult into a "downstat" position, and Scientology managers really have to scramble in order to spin and obfuscate the news.

    "Division 5"
    Scientology is organized according to strict but mostly ridiculous management principles that would make any normal micro-manager's head spin. "Division 5" is in charge of training, and issuing fancy certificates.

    The Scientology cult was founded in 1950 by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Its primary goal is to “clear the planet” by “obliterating psychiatry.” Scientology’s many front groups include the Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), Criminon, Narconon, and Applied Scholastics. Scientology claims to be the “world’s fastest growing religion,” with some 8 million members, but mainstream demographic surveys have shown that the number of active members is closer to 55,000 worldwide, and declining. Scientology is currently under investigation in several countries for a variety of human rights abuses, including child abuse, violation of child labor laws, kidnapping and running secret internal prison camps, as well as for a number of financial crimes. Scientology has already been kicked out of Greece; in Germany it has been declared a “threat to democracy”; in France its leaders are being prosecuted for fraud; it is on very thin ice as well in Belgium, Norway, and other European countries.

    The Anonymous human rights activists are a network of thousands of ordinary people from around the world who are appalled and horrified by the Scientology organization and its abuses, and are working to stop it.

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